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Video Channel for Facebook Pages  

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Try out something news in Facebook Pages (maybe for some people is outdated), but it is cool to have a try...

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Facebook to Take on Google?  

Monday, August 23, 2010

Although it’s only 6 years old, Facebook has reached a considerable level of success. It is the largest social network, and just last month, it announced that it had more than 500 million users. Not many companies have this much success in such a short period of time, and those that do, make up an elite group.

Incidentally, another company that is included in this select group is Google. Although Facebook has been likened to the search and advertising giant on many occasions, the list of similarities might get a little longer in the near future. Speculation has it that Google is in the process of developing a Facebook rival called “Google Me.”

Google has had several failed attempts in social with products such as Sidewiki, Wave, and Buzz. However, there are no signs that it is giving up in its quest for social success, especially, since it recently acquired Slide and Jambool.

Even if it is developing the rumored “Google Me,” could it really compete with Facebook? As we all know, Google is clearly the leader in both search and advertising. So, is social the only element it is missing?

WebProNews spoke with Ed DeRosa, News Editor with the Thoroughbred Times, who said he did not believe Google could create a product that could legitimately compete with Facebook.

“If you’re already on Facebook, I don’t really see any migration to another platform that Google would offer. We’ve seen what Facebook did to MySpace – they crushed them,” said DeRosa.

On the other side of the equation, since Facebook has the social component mastered, is it trying to extend its success to other areas? It already has access to valuable user information. In addition, there is speculation that it could expand its advertising platform to other sites, which could pose a direct threat to Google’s AdSense. All that said, is Facebook the one that is trying to outpace Google?

Emily Sandford of Office Suites PLUS tells WPN that she believes the two companies will grow more and more similar with time. She said, “It’s really going to be an interesting fight to watch.”

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you believe Google wants to be a viable social competitor to Facebook? Or, is the social network looking to take on the search and advertising giant?

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Never use frame sets for your SEO Friendly website.  

Thursday, August 05, 2010

A frame set divides e.g. your website in a menu structure on the left of the page and the content on the right side. Using a frame set was very popular with website builders in the Nineties. A frame set gave the possibility to manage the content on your website more easily and presenting your website more clearly. But it is not SEO Friendly Website solution. If you want to use your website as a Marketing Tool for you to drive lead or convert your sales, it is very important that you need to Avoid using framesets for you website!

Important objections to use frames

  • Search engines are not able to handle frames. Search results will refer to the document with the relevant information, regardless if the document is part of the frame set or not.
  • This could lead to the fact that the visitor isn't presented with the menu or navigation that should be part of that document.
  • Bookmarks don't seem to work properly. It is possible to bookmark a sub document separately, but once the page is opened again, the context of the main document is gone.
  • Frequently it's not possible to print a page with frames.
  • Fold out menu's are only presented in their own frame. This leads to the fact that the sub items will not appear in the navigation menu on the main page.

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Google does not use keywords meta tag for in web ranking  

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Recently we received some questions about how Google uses (or more accurately, doesn't use) the "keywords" meta tag in ranking web search results. Suppose you have two website owners, Alice and Bob. Alice runs a company called AliceCo and Bob runs BobCo. One day while looking at Bob's site, Alice notices that Bob has copied some of the words that she uses in her "keywords" meta tag. Even more interesting, Bob has added the words "AliceCo" to his "keywords" meta tag. Should Alice be concerned?

At least for Google's web search results currently (September 2009), the answer is no. Google doesn't use the "keywords" meta tag in our web search ranking. This video explains more, or see the questions below.

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Nice Artwork just for you!!  

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sometime Arts doesn't need to be Beautiful, but something creative also can become Arts...  I really like the ideas of thsi shooting or drawing? But Really amazing!!!

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Tracking Offline Conversions and Why It Matters  

Monday, March 01, 2010

Many people go to websites everyday and fill out forms, but what happens after they fill out the form? At the Online Marketing Summit, WebProNews spoke with Lauren Vaccarello, the Global Head of Search at Salesforce, about how websites can make sure they are tracking these potential leads.

First of all, you need to know how people get to your form. According to Vaccarello, Salesforce and others offer solutions that allow this information to be passed through a hidden field. It is an automated solution that not only sorts through the data, but also passes it through an application that builds dashboards, which reveals even more data.

With this information, you can find out important facts such as where your visitors are coming from, who is converting and who is not, where you are spending that is producing profits, and where you are losing money.

After you have gathered this data and analyzed it, you have a stronger knowledge of which leads are worth following up on and how you should approach them.

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Video Branding, Let us move toward to next level of Online Marketing....  

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Although online video has been around for some time now, it has seen extensive growth in the past couple of years. Based on research from comScore, YouTube is even the second largest search engine following Google. According to Kevin Ryan, CMO of WebVisible, marketers have finally realized their need to utilize video.

He went on to say that they understand the importance of having their own YouTube channel. This allows brands to have control over the message they send out to the public. Another method for maintaining that control is hosting video on your own site, as we do here at WPN. With video hosting, there are costs involved as well as the need to provide high quality production to reinforce the brand.

Overall, people are beginning to take video a lot more seriously. Ryan still refers to the space as the “Wild Wild West” but says we are starting to see inklings of what it could look like in the future.

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Partnership with a Honest, Reliable & Responsive Web Host company for a Free Business Analysis with a Web Hosting Packages......  

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Internet technologies is the most alluring channel nowadays, but in business-to-business commerce electronic links have opened up many opportunities to study and to reach customers through the new level of convenience and location. Tracking and analytics tools allow to track real business performance and buying patterns from all sort of targeted market and prospects.

Online Analytics has been recognized as being useful in the development of strategic planning. The formulation of business strategy requires information that is from external sources, and requires support for decision-makers through a system, which allows the testing of different options. For example, strategic intelligence systems which are used to gather information about suppliers, clients and rivals. This tool has been created for the analysis of marketing strategies.

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